Newborn Lifestyle Sessions in Your Home

In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Sessions

Welcoming a new baby into your family can be an amazing (and exhausting) experience. For these sessions, I don't do the studio-style ornate wraps and poses. The "lifestyle" photography style is less about those airbrushed, posed photos of babies and more about capturing the beauty of your family's little daily moments. I don't just get photos of babies. I get photos of the whole family with the baby, on the couch, snuggling on the bed, nursing or bottle feeding, etc. I typically bring a Moses basket (shown in photos above) and a couple swaddles if you choose to use them, but I'm looking to capture a little snapshot in this season of life - not a stock photo for a calendar.

Having lost my first child before her first birthday, I am overly cautious around newborns. I won't wear shoes inside, and anything I bring in will be thoroughly sanitized. I'll wear a mask at all times (just ask), and won't touch your baby without your permission. I'll take every precaution to protect your child as if they were my own.

These sessions usually take around 2 hours total, and I try to go as fast I can to be respectful of your time and space. Since newborns can be unpredictable and I don't want the parents to be stressed, I pencil in 2 hour blocks for these sessions for flexibility. If I get there and you're still in the shower, I'll roll with it! I will try to use "down" time to get extra shots so we aren't wasting time - detailed shots of a nursery or special mementos, photos of any siblings.

Let's be honest... you're going to be too tired to sort through the photos any time soon. If I think there's a chance you'll like it, I'll include it in the gallery. For in-home sessions, there's no additional charge to download all the images, and you have full printing rights. Everything's a blur right now, but the images will capture the beauty of these moments so you can relive them when you're rested enough to think about them in 10 years. Kidding, sort of.

Lifestyle Newborn Sessions in Your Home

$795 Session Fee

Up to 2 Hours

Full Gallery Digital Image Files Included (Client's Choice)

Online Gallery for Viewing & Choosing Images

Print Release for Included Images

Access to Client Closet for Mom & Baby