About Me

All images on this page were taken by Sonder Collective.

Random Facts:

  • Early 30s
  • "Retired" (for now) Teacher - I taught SPED and general education, math, reading, and dyslexia intervention.
  • Right-brained ADHD grown-up who talks too fast and runs my words together.
  • Wears "real clothes" and makeup maybe 1x a year
  • Can be bribed to do almost anything for a Sonic Coke Zero + Vanilla
  • Former homecoming queen and competitive cheerleading captain learning how to love myself again and working on passing that positivity to my daughter.

My Backstory + My Family

I haven't always been a photographer.

Taking photos has been a hobby of mine for many years. I've photographed my friends and family for the last decade for fun. I served on yearbook staff in high school, and in my college days, I served as a photographer for my university's newspaper.

However, for most of my adult life, I served my community as a middle school teacher. I loved my job, and never thought I would want to do anything else.

In 2017, my family's world fell apart when our first daughter, Maisy Lane, was killed by her babysitter. After we had her little sister, Evie Mae, I knew I couldn't return to the classroom. After what happened to Maisy, the idea of leaving our new baby in someone else's care was unfathomable. I stopped teaching and started pursuing photography more seriously, using it as an opportunity to be home with my daughter while still supporting my family.

In 2020, our family moved to Springfield, Missouri. We love the community here, and we can't wait to connect with new clients and friends. There are many choices out there when it comes to photography, and I am truly grateful for each session your family chooses to book with me. Your business allows me to stay at home with my daughter, Evie Mae, where I so desperately need to be.

Photo by Sonder Collective

October 2023