The Booking Process

1. Reach out with your needs and dates.

I'll help you decide what will be the best option if you haven't already decided, and we will find a date that works for both of us! For weddings, just reach out with your date and I'll let you know if I'm available.

Session Request Form

Wedding Request Form

If you're scheduling an outdoor session, I'll also get your alternative availability so we can get a "rain date" on the calendar. I always schedule a rain date at the time of booking and block it off on my calendar in case the weather doesn't permit us to shoot on the planned date.

From here, I'll set up a booking link for you to complete.

2. Complete your forms and pay the retainer.

It's super important to complete your forms as soon as possible. I don't hold dates unless a retainer is paid and forms are complete. The booking link will contain a contract, a questionnaire, and a payment link to pay a retainer to secure your date.

The retainer varies based on session type but is usually $100 for regular sessions and 50% for weddings. The amount counts toward your overall session fee.

These forms contain lots of important stuff:

  • information about the person/people being photographed
  • contact information
  • your preferences and hopes
  • any insecurities, worries, or concerns
  • any special needs or accommodations

The contract is meant to protect both the client and the photographer by:

  • using plain language that is easy to understand
  • clearly outlining what the photographer is expected to provide
  • clearly communicating the way issues (like bad weather and cancellations) will be handled
  • protecting your privacy by allowing you to choose whether photos from your session will be used on social media, and if so, allowing you to set the terms for that sharing

It is very important that you complete these forms thoroughly and accurately, and double check your email and contact info. You'll get reminders and updates sent to the email you submit in these forms, so make sure it's one you check!

3. Pay any remaining session fee balance.

The remainder of your fee is due 48 hours before a session or 1 week before a wedding. You can pay the remaining balance in whatever increments works best for your budget. Some families make a small payment for each pay cycle, while others make one big payment. This is totally up to you, and no extra fees are ever charged for the payment arrangement you choose.

4. Come to your session!

The fun part! Come rested, come early, and come ready to make beautiful pictures. I pride myself in creating a low-stress environment for families (and kids), so whatever happens, just roll with it. I'll do my very best to make sure you have beautiful images, regardless of how the session goes.

5. Receive your gallery.

I pride myself in a very fast turnaround. You'll have your gallery within 7 days of the session or 14 days after a wedding. Keep an eye on your email for this link. If you don't get an email, reach out to me! It doesn't happen often, but I have seen galleries in spam folders.

6. Pick and/or download your images.

If you're downloading multiple photos, they'll be delivered in a zip file (these are pretty big files!) This is much easier to do on a computer. If you're on your phone and having trouble, just let me know! I can set up a workaround that's more phone friendly.

7. Share, print, whatever!

All of my sessions include full personal rights to the included images. You can print them, enlarge them, make canvases, share on social media, send to friends, use for holiday cards, whatever! Tags and credit are always appreciated, but not expected.