Milestone Portraits

These milestone sessions celebrate the growth of your little one from 3 months to 6 years.

So what is milestone session?

Milestone sessions can be anything you want them to be.

Want to commemorate a birthday or monthly milestone? Document your little one's new abilities at tummy time, sitting unassisted, or walking/crawling? Maybe you just haven't had updated pictures of your little one in a while and want to document this stage of their lives.

They're fun and low-stress - we'll play peekaboo, dance, and your little model can even jump on the bed. Unlike outdoor sessions, these don't have to be done at golden hour. A climate-controlled studio ensures a happy kid no matter the time of year or temperature outside.

$275 Session Fee

5 Digital Image Files Included (Client's Choice)

Online Gallery for Viewing & Choosing Images

Print Release for Included Images

Access to Wardrobe Closet

Option to purchase additional files



Frequently Asked Questions for Milestone Sessions

We missed the window for newborn pictures.

Can we schedule a milestone session?

Depending on the baby's age, yes! I typically do not photograph babies from 3 weeks to 10 weeks (exceptions made for preemies and babies with prolonged NICU stays). This time period is typically marked with fussiness and colic. It's unlikely that we will get those "newborn-esque" sleepy photos, and attempts to do so would take a lot more time than a milestone session can offer.

Around 3 months, babies tend to have recovered from the fussy stage and have new skills to show off - like head control at tummy time! Three months is a great time to start milestone photos.

We aren't celebrating a milestone, but can I schedule photos anyway?

Sure! Lots of families just decide to schedule a session when they haven't had photos in a while or want to boost their child's self-esteem.

Can we get pictures of the family at a milestone session?

Milestone sessions are intended to feature your little one and don't include family photos. However, for fussy babies, a parent is always welcome to hold and comfort during pictures. They won't be the focus of the session, but I won't exclude a parent if a little one needs proximity.

Can I bring an outfit from home?

Of course! If you have something you'd like for your little one to wear, you're welcome to bring it! If not, I have a full wardrobe closet at the studio including many custom pieces. I do recommend that you plan for an outfit that will provide contrast with hair, skin, and eyes. If you have a fair-skinned little one (blonde, light eyes, pink undertones), you'll want to avoid light colors that will wash them out.

Consider browns, rust and burnt orange, tans, and blues (especially if you have a blue-eyed baby).