Mini Sessions

Mini-sessions are only done as a part of mini-session events. These usually book out quickly, so if you aren't on my email list yet, you'll want to sign up! I offer a handful of mini-session events each year.

Should I book a regular session or a mini session?

Let's compare the options.

Regular Sessions

Longer (20 minutes +)

Scheduled on a date that works best for you

Locations, themes, and props are tailored to your needs. I'll work to create a session that's perfect for you family.

Includes the client closet at no extra cost. I can help you figure out outfits, and you can use any outfits from my wardrobe closet.

Standard pricing based on my cost of doing business.

Mini Sessions

Shorter (Usually 5-15 minutes)

Scheduled on a special date, and back-to-back with other sessions

Special themes and/or locations, but designed to be roughly the same for all clients and not customizable.

Client closet and wardrobe help is not included.

Highly discounted because they're done in bulk.

Interested in a mini session?

Find out if I have any upcoming mini sessions by clicking below to view upcoming Facebook events.