Can I use the client closet for my session?

I am so happy to offer a client closet to my clients as a perk for booking a session with me!

Any standalone session (petite, full, etc.) comes with this add-on at no extra cost.

Mini sessions do not include use of my client closet unless they are specifically described as a styled mini session.

How to Choose Outfits

Choosing an outfit for your kids isn't hard, but planning outfits for the whole family can be downright overwhelming.

I recommend following these steps in order to design an outfit collection you'll love without the headache.

These tips will work for families who use my client closet, wear their own clothes, or a mix of both.

After you've booked your session, you'll arrange a time to come by and look at the closet. Here's how we'll work when we get there.

1- Choose outfits for mom(s).

Women's clothes vary the most in sizing, even with the same brand, so choose a few dresses you want to try. I can meet you, do a porch pickup for a try-on, or even run them by your house if you're close by. This is the hardest part for most moms, so take your time choosing a dress you feel good in. I have made special effort to find flattering outfits for all body types and sizes from XS to XXXL, so there's plenty to choose from. We will build everyone else's outfits around mama's, so you can pick from any dress you like!

Step 2 - Choose dresses for girl(s).

If you have any girls, pick out dresses or outfits that coordinate with the already chosen color. I'm happy to do this for you, or you can do it yourself. For older girls, sizing can vary based on body type, so you may want to choose a few options to try on. I recommend limiting to 1-2 prints, focusing on solid colors.

Step 2 - Add in gender-neutral or boy outfits.

Since gender-neutral outfits and clothing designed for men and boys tend to be a bit more simple, you'll want to add them last. Button down or collared shirts and khakis or dressy jeans always work well. Even dressy shorts and solid tees can work fine!

I am still building my gender neutral and boy closets (I will only carry NB-6), so you will likely need to supplement from clothes at home.

Step 3 - Add Accessories!

Here are some add-ons to consider using to complete the look.

  • hats (I keep quite a few in my client closet)
  • jackets, coats, shrugs, vests, etc.
  • bow ties and/or suspenders (I keep some for kids and grown-ups)
  • bows or headbands
  • belts
  • boots

Step 5 - Relax!

You've got a picture perfect wardrobe ready for your entire family, and you hopefully didn't have to spend much (if any) money thanks to my client closet. Some families prefer to pick up their outfits a couple of days ahead of time and wear them to the session (this is a must for women who need to try on). For children only sessions, I prefer to bring a few options to the session and change on site.

Make sure you have a change of clothes to switch into after the session is over. This helps make sure that the outfits can be taken back to my home and cleaned right away (because spills and grass stains happen, even for careful families!). It also means that once you're done, you're really done! No having to bring outfits back by after the session is over.